She says: 10 More Days!

We are getting more nervous as days gone by. 2 weeks to our wedding! While we’re almost done with the preparation, we still need to meet up with our vendors and finalize things. We not only have 1 wedding, but we are running 2 weddings! Both equally important and dear to us. The hardest part is to decide the guest list. We want to keep the outdoor wedding small and intimate, yet we don’t want to offend anyone. But oh well, we have to make some sacrifices then.

I just finish my photo montages, finally! Since motion graphic and video editing are part and parcel of my job, I am my worst critic. But anyway.. 1 week prior the wedding all my high standard suddenly flew out of the window. I just want to get this thing done!

Anyway I wanted to put this animation by my favorite designer, Impactist, but it’s kinda a lil’ too solemn for the wedding opening, so I just put it here.


Yesterday we met our videographer, Alvin and Adeline together with Wansheng. They commented about our detailed program and schedule, it’s very impressive! Thanks to Winston! The lesson from the wedding planning course really help us in drafting our programs. However we are still raw in this business, so both of our vendors gave suggestions on how the program should run. Some moments are so picturesque that they need more time to capture a great angle. For example is when the bride’s veil is down.

We weren’t aware of that till they mentioned it. Above is a picture by Wansheng.

Luckily we haven’t print our wedding booklet, so we can still make changes. Anyway, I found a great place to print my booklet! I asked 3 places and the quoted started from $500 for 100 pieces. Ridiculous!! Thank God I found the third one, which is much cheaper, provide the cutting and scoring for our accordion-style booklet.

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