She says: 3 Months to Go!

I almost couldn’t believe that we are exactly 3 months away from our big day. This has been a really fun journey and full of dreams. I love planning this wedding, because both of us are fortunate enough to have the freedom of expression within healthy boundaries of our budget. Tradition and superstitions don’t come knocking at our door as often as it must have been, being Singaporean-Chinese and Indonesian-Chinese. If not we will be grilled for having black and white as big part of our wedding banquet!

We are not against traditions, because we still keep them and it’s good to have! It’s our root that we have to be proud of. I love the sabo-gate crash a la Singapore, we never have that in Indonesia. Showing our respect to the elders with tea ceremony is also a nice thing to have.

We started to plan our wedding since March 2009 so we really took our own sweet time to review every vendor making sure we choose those whom we feel best suits the bill. And as per today, we have finally confirmed all the vendors!

I love savoring the last part, so in the next 3 months.. we will cover the DIY projects with our helpers.

Lastly, we have our amazing cell-group members that readily offer their full support for our wedding.

(It helps also that Winston is the cell leader)

Here is our awesome helpers!

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