She says: 8 more days – Wedding Booklet

8 more days! Today I’m picking up my wedding booklet! Awesome! It’s done within 2 days and they have even help me fold it. I even overlooked the mama shop plastic bag they used to put my gorgeous booklet. So wedding booklet checked! Love it! Although it’s kinda last minute but I am pleased with the outcome.

My lovely and talented roommate, Clarissa is helping me with the dessert bar. She’s one-of-a-kind girl, who collected black and white movies from 50s-60s, and actually watched it! she loves Shirley Temple and she even learned tap dancing when inspired by her. Her fashion icon is Betty Paige and pin-up girls of the 40s-50s.

Next one is my hen’s night!

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  1. Wow… 8 more days… I came across your page some many months ago and now… congrats and thank you for the good read!!!

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