She says: 9 Days to Go! – Photobooth Checked!

9 more days to go! I had my hair dyed dark copper. I made a mistake of coloring my hair black 5 months ago. The hairdresser already warned me not to color it black, but I insisted and thought I’ll be fine.

Yeah and 5 months later, it took 2 sessions back-to-back to get a colored hair. I kinda regretted to dye black, but I wouldn’t know unless I try. So now, my hair is back to where it belongs, the World of Color.

Winston joined me recently by dyeing and cutting his hair. He is not the stylish type but he’s trying to. So it’s a good effort of him to sport a funky hairstyle. A friend of him blessed him with $100 voucher from Chapter 2. After the cut, he has the same hairstyle with the stylist! So I guess I will choose the stylist based on their hairstyle.

Another thing that we checked is our photobooth! 8 ft x 8 ft backdrop will be covered by the black and white stripes fabric with rosettes decoration. It’s so pretty, I can eat it! I have been contemplating about the backdrop for a long while. There is a gorgeous fabric at Spotlight that matched my color theme but it cost $15/m and I need 5 m. So I had been going back and forth to Spotlight for 4 times, wanting to buy but not 100% sure. It is rather too much with the rosettes decoration.

One of my housemate who is studying Fashion Design suggested for me to hunt at Arab Street. So last week Winston and I hunted for a suitable backdrop. I always love black and white stripes, it has been my thing for a while, so when I spotted this awesome fabric for just $5/m that complimented the rosettes, I bought it!

I am so glad I followed my intuition. I couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for my photo booth. It’s super awesome!!

Here’s a sneak preview of the backdrop!

My other talented housemate will do the props. Our house is a designer’s nest. We have fine artists, fashion designers, graphic designers, motion graphic artists. I will do a post specially for these incredible creatures of Roselane.

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