She says: Axioo + Nefi Decor = Heart-melting Moments

Wedding industry in Jakarta, Indonesia is very lively and becoming bigger especially in the aesthetic area of wedding celebration. Photography and decor have stepped into another level of creative bonanza, thanks to this one person/company, Axioo. They are among the first photography studios who embraced the global occurrence of wedding blogs and rooting in photo-journalistic style.

Every “It” bride-to-be in Jakarta must have heard about the Axioo phenomena, which single-handedly transformed typical posey wedding photo industry into one that is fun-fresh-immensely creative, adding design principles in every shoot, be it the fashion style, the album or the props.

They are the trailblazer, resulting in many young-fresh-typical Gen-Y photographers mushrooming in Jakarta’s wedding scene. Some detest them for their huge success (read: jealous) while most people adore them, gathering huge fanbase even for non-wedding people. At least I know more than one friend that’s nowhere near the marriage stage, but an avid reader of Axioo.

Now, they have accelerated their huge success by teaming with one of the best wedding decorator in Jakarta, Nefi Decor. It’s always a heart-wrenching-melting experience for me, every time I see their ethereal display set-up in Grand Indonesia. I am super jealous!! *senep* but at the same time I am really happy to see people releasing their full potential of the God-given talent. Almost all of Axioo team, including the owner David & Fen2, are JPCC’s (Jakarta Praise Community Church) active members.

Hereby I share with you the gorgeous eye candy that made my heart melts.


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