She says: Baby Shower + House Warming – The Inspiration

After a year of highs and lows, it’s finally time to party! We will hold our first party soon. It is a very tight timeline as we only have 2-3 weeks to do it. Usually it is enough to hold a baby shower or baby’s first month party, because all you do is hire a caterer. But knowing myself, I could never resign on having an usual looking or regular looking party. I can’t accept any less than my usual pretty party. So begins my first quest of holding a party as a mother [Winston’s edit: what about father??].

Having been to a few baby showers in Singapore, I realized decoration or the outlook of the party is not a priority. There are usually very minimal decor or none at all. If it does have, it mostly will be children kind of decoration with lots for bright and colourful balloons. I am not sure if this trend will change, I hope it does. Because you will only have 1-2 (or more!!) baby showers in your life, it’s another reason to have a pretty party aside from your own wedding. Like what I’m doing right now!

I made an illustration for this party to represent our new family :


Let me share with you my inspiration board for this event.


The main item of the baby shower is the dessert bar, so it will be Amy Atlas style of dessert bar..

Here’s some of my inspiration on dessert bar :



baby pink

The last one is a very cute idea for baby shower cake


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