She Says: Because You Are Worth It – The Delivery

After spending 10 days in hospital, my condition improved and stabilized. We really wanted to prolong this pregnancy and deliver at 34 weeks. The baby will still be premature but it’s a safe gestation week.

I was on my week 31 and still a long way to go before the doctors deliver the baby. The thought of spending 3 weeks in hospital is baffling, so we opted to go home hoping that my condition will be better.

Pictures above: My 2 sisters, mom and Winston in KKH 18 July 2012

We secretly wished to be able to come back to KKH and deliver in a A Class suite, which is only possible if the baby come to full term of 38 week.

However, things worsened at home as I couldn’t sleep and have difficulty breathing. For 2 days, I really struggled to sleep at night, resulting in an even worse condition. My mom, who had specially flew to Singapore 2 days after I got admitted to take care of me, tried to calm me down and massaged me. My husband, Winston, has been most supportive and available for me during these trying times.

But I still didn’t manage to rest. It contributed to more complications, my blood pressure went up and I was admitted back at hospital.

After that ‘restless’ incident, I kept having episodes of breathlessness and insomnia. Going in and out of delivery suite worsened my sleeping pattern. The nurses in KKH are really helpful and attentive. Nurse Colleen and Christalin attended to me during the night I was feeling extremely helpless with insomnia and breathing. Turns out that the pre-eclampsia has caused the water to leaks into my lungs that left me breathless. As the pregnancy became too risky for me, the doctors decided to proceed with the delivery of the baby in week 33 through emergency c-section. The only cure for pre-eclampsia is to deliver the baby, once the danger is out, we can focus on the recovery for mother and daughter.

Winston, my mother and I were spending the night in the delivery room before the operation. We were praying and worshipping God, surrendering to His perfect time and plan. I believe in Kairos (God’s appointed time), in fact I tattooed it on my back, so if 31 July is the day Savannah have to be born, it is the best timing.

Although Cesarean is the fastest and safest way to deliver the baby, given a choice, I will opt out.
The whole process was very clinical and cold, I was wheeled to the operating theatre and they gave me the anesthetic, proceed with the operation and next thing I know, I felt something snapped out of me and I heard my baby’s crying. I felt so relieved that at least she can cry.

After delivery, things are better but the danger of Eclampsia is still lurking, so I need to stay at ICU.
Savannah was admitted to NICU, due to her size. Pre-eclampsia has caused the placenta not to be able to give the nutrition to the baby in the womb, though the gestation week is rather mature, the baby size is small. Delivered at 1.125kg in week 33.

Some people say next time if my baby has grown up and become naughty, I must let her know how much suffering Mommy bore for her to curb her naughtiness. I fret over that thoughts. I will tell her how much suffering I have to endure to have her and I’m willing to go through it because she’s worth it. Although I have doubts and “I should haves..”, I finally realized God didn’t make mistake, everything is for a purpose and He has wonderful plan for our family.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Baby Savannah -2 days old

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  1. Congrats! Have been following your blog entries for so long. I just delivered about 2 mths ago. Enjoy motherhood, Helen. The journey of motherhood is very tough but very rewarding. Take care and rest well.

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