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I just recently learnt from one of the top wedding planners in Singapore, that bridesmaids and sisters (jie mei) are different.

(Editor’s notes : Jie Mei is the bride’s wedding entourage in Chinese culture who are supposed to guard and test the groom before they let the groom in to fetch the bride.)

So what’s the difference?

In local context, it is the uniform dress.

Only bridesmaids wear the same color / same dress and march in before the bride.

(The last row picture is from Norman & Amy’s wedding via Feldberyl Images.

So nice to see a color-coordinated bridesmaids dress. This practice is not very common in Singapore, because usually jie meis are treated as bridesmaids. Now that I know, that is not the same.

So I bought my girls, the same blue dress and accessories. Instead of flower bouquet, I think I prefer parasol. But I’ll still consider. I am still thinking of tailor making another dress with Tiffany color, but only if budget allowed (pray hard, girls!).

Here are some gorgeous blue bridesmaids dress for your inspiration.

via Inspired Bride

If you have the budget to spare and want to splurge on your girls, consider this amazing dress by TwoBirds. Its a dress that can be wraps into 15 style. Check out the video tutorial, it’s mind boggling! Looks so easy and superb!

Downside : it costs USD 320

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