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It has been a month since my wedding! Yet, the wedding bug haven’t left me. In fact it worsened (in a good way). As you have known, we launched Diary & Design Wedding on Monday, and we already confirmed our first couple! Wow, things have been moving faster than we thought.

Now only left 2 chances to get free design consultation for Chapter 2.

I am currently busy with my work in MTV on the biggest show of the year, WORLD STAGE LIVE in MALAYSIA kicks in end of July. I did LED graphics for Katy Perry and Wonder Girls! I love Katy Perry’s song.. it’s so catchy.. but with all due respect.. I’m no fan of the Wonder Girls..^_^*peace*

Anyway, business aside, I just met a lovely lady who wanted to rent my props for photoshoots. Nowadays pre-wedding photoshoot has many direction other than the bridal photshoot. More and more couple opt for personalized, customized photoshoot than the one-for-all photoshoot. Your creativity is only limited by your imagination. You can choose theme that suits your personality, your hobbies, habits or even place where you grew up.

Here’s a perfect example of creativity is the limits. Katryn and Ari had been together for 8 years. Katryn is my bestest friend cum partner in Pemberley. We knew each other for 11 years and have been best friend through thick and thin. She is also the best Maid of Honor you can ask for. I will surely dedicate a post for her alone. Her Maid of Honor Speech was super hilarious and so meaningful that she made me cried so much! Well.. too much spoiler.. just wait for the next post about Maid of Honor.

Here’s one of their many pre-wedding pictures shot by Ian Photography, that was shot in Katryn’s house and her family-owned wood manufacturer. She grew up here and now she is continuing her family legacy. By the way, Ari is my childhood friend from kindergarten to high school. Both me and Ari are like siblings that when we joked and teased each other, it shocked people. I think we will never graduate from high school.

Everytime I go back to Jakarta, her place is a must-visit place. She literally live inside her wood factory. It is so cool to own a wood factory. One time I had a bad swollen toe and had to fly to Jakarta for a wedding, she handed me a wooden crutch she just made in an hour before fetching me to the venue!

They are getting married gorgeously this August. If you think I’m bridezilla, wait till this couple reveal their wedding details. It will blow you away! She has one of the best taste I ever known. Being an OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder) give her an upper arm when it comes in details. I will talk about her wedding also!

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  1. “I just met a lovely lady who wanted to rent my props for photoshoots” – Is that me? Oppies!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see Katryn and Ari’s wedding photos.

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