She says: Busy Week – Gown Fitting

This week had been the busiest week for our wedding preparation. Started with Sunday- second last fitting for my MTM gown and night gown selections at Di Gio, Monday-meeting with Jane, our florist, Wednesday-food tasting in Conrad and trial mock up, Thursday- Invitation arrives partially from Pemberley, Saturday-Food Tasting with Kriston.

I tried a few dresses and they were not quite as fantastic as it should have been. I am not a big fan of ball gown, but judging by the size of our ballroom, there is a need to choose a more prominent dress. I envy girls with longer posture, they can carry a sheath dress and still look gorgeous.

Here are some of the dresses I tried, a few of these are my final dress. But I am not gonna reveal the color yet, so enjoy the monotone version for now.

I will write about the mockup trial and food tasting in the next post! Stay tuned!

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