She says: Busy Week Surprise – Pink London Cab

We were going off from Kriston food tasting, when we flagged a special cab. A pink London Cab, the only one in Singapore and the world (the driver claimed)! It is a real surprise, because we have never seen one, let alone sit on it. So we didn’t  waste this opportunity to chat with the proud driver and take pictures inside. It provides privacy and space, perfect for a wedding car. The driver and passenger communicate through speakers and if we don’t want to be heard, we just off the speaker. So cool!

Apparently this pink cab is also a hot item for weddings and events. We were thinking of potentially using this pink cab for our wedding. However, pink is out of our color scheme, so.. yeah.. cute as it is but only good for photo taking at the moment.

Winston wore a matching pink shirt! Awesome!

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