She says: “Can this be anymore gay-er?” *

* words by Samantha Jones

Yesterday my girlfriends and I watched the most anticipated Chick Flick of 2010, Sex and the City 2. Like millions of girls around the world, I am a die-hard fan of SATC. I love everything about it. Carrie’s quirky ultra fashionable sense, Samantha’s blatant comments, Miranda’s girl-power and Charlotte’s idealistic fantasy. I grew up watching them, since 8 years ago. The first SATC movie was heart-wrenching and very dear to me that I watched them on 2 New Years eve!

Like the first movie, wedding is still on the menu. The movie started with an OTT * over the top* wedding. WARNING: SPOILER.

It’s an ultra-ultra chic wedding, with extravagant hats, sequins everywhere, broadway-like choir, and white swan!! Like the groom said, “It’s like the Snow Queen had exploded!” Reminds me of ladies in My Fair Lady (1964). Audrey Hepburn’s hat is legendary!

I am sometimes awestruck by man’s creativity once they tap into their inner femininity. Most of the famous male party planners are gay. Like Collin Cowie, Preston Bailey, David Tutera, and Anthony Marentino. The last one being Charlotte’s wedding planner and one of the groom in Sex and the City 2. Ups, I’ve warned you!!

Anyway, I might as well spoil it…The other one is Broom. Like Stanford said, ” Bride and Groom, Broom”. Comedian Joan Rivers once said,”Truly, what gay men have is both worlds, the women’s sensitivity and the man’s smarts. My life would be boring and not as beautiful without them.”

This is a controversial topic and I won’t fall into any judgment, but I like what my pastor said, ” We may not approved with their lifestyle, but we love them for who they are. No condemnation.”

One thing can’t be denied, they live in a rainbow world! It’s beyond fabulous!Just as Samantha commented, ” Can this be anymore gay-er?” There goes the ultimate cougar lady officiating the marriage. So much fun for a wedding. Liza Minelli singingthe anthem song for the singles! I love Carrie’s black jester hat that she put on with her best-woman suit. Love Ron Ben-Israel’s Swarovski glittery cake. Reportedly it cost 23,000USD.

Although I can’t say it moves my heart like it did with the first movie, it ‘s still a fun movie to watch!I haven’t enjoyed this much of fun watching movies, especially with my girlfriends. No trace of recession here. Sometimes girls just want to have fun, and the best part is all expenses paid for!!!

Anyway, the plot talks a lot about marriage, motherhood and menopause. Our girls have grown up. I love the honesty of this show, showing the down side of marriage and how they overcame. Carrie’s latest book title was equally clever as her fashion sense. “I Do! Do I?”

I Do. Period.

15 days to our Wedding

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