She says: Ceremony & Celebration Pictures

While we are still waiting for the official pictures from our talented photographers, here are some of the pictures of our event.

The run down of the event:

  • Gate crashing at 1pm
  • Ceremony at 5.15pm (cocktail was provided from 4.30pm)
  • Reception at 6.30pm
  • Band started at 7pm
  • Ended with Bride & Groom send off at 8pm

Thank God for good weather on that day… my dream of getting married under the tree was fulfilled… Thanks to Susan, Dorinda, Eunice and others for beautiful pictures!

During the vow

My lovely bridesmaids (L-R : Dora, Clarissa, Irene, Imelda, Katryn)
Lily, my coordinator is talking to the bridesmaids

Looking lost yet cute, in the vest and tiffany tie!

Pemberley Paperie team : Katryn, Hellen, Ricadonna

Bouquet throwing.. All the single ladies, put your hands up!

Balloon Mass Release!!

The bride, bridesmaids and bridal car

Groom additional!!

One of the highlight of the reception after ceremony was Pam and Fatt. The duo from Timbre@Old School which saw the process of Winston proposing (read the story here)

They were good and I like the chill out feeling they brought to our party. Both of us sang a Malay-Chinese number by Sheila Majid & Ryan Lin Yu Zhong.

Halfway through the party, the guests started to get into the dance mood. Although it needs heavy initiation from our part, eveybody is dancing and forming a big train that walk round and round across the venue. They dance to Nobody, Just Dance, Billie Jean, I Gotta Feeling, etc. We didn’t plan this, but it happened and we totally love it. I’m glad I choose this mermaid dress. Nice, simple and allowed me to dance the night away!

Dancing with my dad

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    1. Nope, we had our wedding at OMSQ, Fort Canning Park. However, we do have experience with weddings at Changi Chalets.

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