She says: Childhood + Couple Montage

Another montage that I did for the wedding banquet.We had 3 videos and 2 special items during our banquet dinner, which can be potentially chaotic and too overwhelming for our guests. But BIG kudos to Conrad staffs, the sophisticated assistant director Ms Catheryn Tan, and our superb banquet manager, David. They met with us on our event 3 days prior to it, and made substantial changes to our initial plan. They made our event silky smooth and the timing was fantastic.

Anyway, due to the nature of my job, I always pay extra attention to photo montages in weddings. Some are not so pleasant, while most of it are okay and bearable. With all due respect to all the couples here, I totally appreciate your effort to put together a decent photo montage with whatever software knowledge you have. Not that I can balance out Profit & Loss Statement myself or pass science paper every time. Each (wo)man to her own.. Point taken.

So this is my craft, not that fancy, but I love it :

The last part is clip of Winston singing at Timbre during our proposal.

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  1. I am wowed by your video, Helen. Very impressed with your creativity, storyline and scipt!

    May I know if you are using Imac? or other software?

    I so so love the way you planned out for ur wedding.

    1. Hi Qing Qing,

      Thanks for the compliment! I used Adobe After Effects to do the video, and I happened to work with both Mac and PC. I did this one on my PC.

  2. Hi,

    In love with the photo montage. I would like to create a piece like yours. Mind to share some tips using Adobe AE? I’m willing to learn from scratch! TIA!

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