She says: Decoration Ideas for Outdoor (Part II).. We found our outdoor venue!

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

After spending a day “Treasure-Hunting” for our outdoor wedding venue, we came across a wonderful, secluded, un-commercialized, shady place. It was one of those moments, when your expectation isn’t high, but you were surprised by the outcome. When I visited the place, I knew we found the ONE place I’ve been looking for.. I never heard of it, not even in any of our list. After being disappointed by the no. 1 in our list,  “Raffles House” (*That’s it???Is that the tree we saw in the picture???So smalll?????*), we are very pleased when we went to this venue. I love the ol’ and cozy feeling the place evoked.  We’ll keep it secret! It’s a surprise!

The hint: it’s still in town area..and have a huge old raintree which is perfect for reciting our vows and very affordable!

The best part I have carte blanche to execute tons of ideas from my mind.. I’ll share some with you.


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