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I am pulling my hair to get the kind of lighting that I want. Initially I want to have lanterns hanging from tree to tree, it looks wonderful. However, the effort of getting it done might not be worth the effect. I still don’t get why nobody in Singapore does this, while in Jakarta or Bali it is such common items! It costs quite a bomb just for the labour of hanging the lanterns and the wires. I have to source everything myself too. I found a good lantern and LED at a bargain price in Jakarta, but the manpower fee is rather a blow.

I have to say, I am getting frustrated with the local vendors here. When they say can’t, it means nothing can be done. Period. It is quite a bureaucratic place. No back door or no sidetrack for certain thing.. or at least no one tries to make it happen.

Anyway, I am determined to get my lantern done, whether I can get it hanged or just place it on the table. IKEA lanterns are nice and cheap ($10) but I want to hang on the trees.. so a bit dangerous with the tea light candle. Don’t want to burn the tree down.

So I found a DIY tips on making your own lantern here.

Supplies for this lantern:

a. Battery operated tea light, do not use conventional tea lights (app. $1 each)
b. 2 brads ($3.00 for 100)
c. Ribbon, several inches in length
d. Strip of vellum 2.5″ by 5.25″; trim one of the long sides with decorative scissors if desired ($10.00 for 50 sheets – each sheet will easily make 5 lanterns)
e. Double stick tape

Supplies for optional embellishments:
f. Needle and thread
g. Paper flowers
h. Pin
i. Printed lette

Basic Directions:
1. Wrap strip of vellum around battery operated tea light, adhering with double stick tape.
2. Using brads attach length of ribbon to “lantern” to form a handle from which to hang.

Optional Embellishments:
Pinhole Monogram: Before assembling lantern, use a pin and a printed letter as a guide to punch a monogram in the vellum strip.
Flowered handle: After the lantern is assembled use a needle and thread to tack paper flowers to ribbon handle.

I think I will include this project on Craft Day!

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