She Says: First Chinese New Year as a Missus

Chinese New Year is here again! This year marks another transition to adulthood, which is giving ang bao instead of receiving one. I thought it will be weird and awkward to give out ang baos (red packet with money inside), but turns out to be just a normal feeling. I guess we adjusted well. It is Chinese tradition on the New Year for married couple to give out ang baos to the juniors. Read more about the tradition here.

Coincidentally, Winston turned 30 on Chinese New Year Eve. That’s more surreal than giving out ang baos. Do you remember Jennifer Garner’s movie 13 going on 30, when she wishes to be 30 on her 13th birthday. We always have fancy imagination of what it is to be like when we were… ( fill in the blank), yet the closer to that number, the lesser the excitement. Even when we have achieved all that, we are not as enthusiastic as the initial point of imagining. At least that’s how I feel. I think dreaming and imagining are the most exciting part of the journey, because the possibilities are endless. Dreaming is like a cycle, once you reach it, it’s time to dream another one, bigger.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Images originally from Apartment Therapy.

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  1. Hi the fort canning wedding looks amazing. I would like to hold one as well for a dinner party – any tips / pointers? How did you deal with weather?

  2. Our blog is full of tips and pointers… haha… guess logistics is the main issue here. You can’t deal with weather at all nowadays… just pray!

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