She says: First Scrapbooking Attempt

I have been very busy in the mid of September. It was a long holiday in my home town, Lebaran time (Hari Raya). It is the perfect excuse to have overseas getaway.. ” our maids went back to their kampung.. so I rather travels than to wash the dishes myself “.

Anyway.. that is just pure my lame attempt to be funny…no hard feeling!

The most exciting part is when my bestfriend-cum-Maid of Honor-cum-business partner, Katryn came to Singapore with her fiance, Ari. They were in town for a wedding (which I will cover in the next few post). She is also getting married next year. We are each other’s MoH!

We attended a beginner class in scrapbooking at a newly opened gorgeous paper store, Paper Market.

I love paper n stationery.. but scrapbooking is not really my cup of tea..

We supposed to do a memoir with pictures. So I decided to do a piece for our holy matrimony, so the design and color scheme is related to our theme.


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