She says: Great pictures from Ian Photography

If you missed our introduction of Ian Photography, you can trace back his journey from the start until his current work. He is also going to be part of my family, since he has proposed to my beautiful sister, Irene (see their first location-scout pictures here). Part of the tradition, he also took pre-wed pictures for my elder brother! My brother is getting married this October. He met his fiance while acting as Best Man and her as a Maid of Honor. Classic! That fateful event was one of my childood friend’s wedding. We like to keep things in the family.

So check out Ian’s latest addition of Lie’s family. Here’s the prelude written in Ian’s blog:

What’s your daily habit? I’m sure we have different answers for that question. Willy and Fetrisia have a similar daily habit. It’s to eat healthily and take daily vitamins. Learning that from our brainstorm session, we came up with this idea: ‘Dosage of Love’.

Many people are asking about what do we have to give in a relationship. Every couple needs a little this and that to make the relationship works, and of course the amount of things are different for every couple. So this is our interpretation of the dosage of love for Willy and Fetrisia, which are:

  • one handful of companion
  • a spoonful of praise
  • ten litres of service
  • a thousand grams of tolerance
  • pack and packs of hugs
  • a hundred ounces of kisses
  • and a cup of each other.. till death do us part.


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