She says: Have you ever had too much of Salmon Sashimi?*

Photo Credits: Manu’s Menu

* Translation : Too much of a good thing is not good either..I love salmon sashimi & sushi so much, its become my anti depressant pills.

I am being realistic here. I have been planning my wedding for 1,5 years. I was super excited halfway through. I started to book my photographer and bridal salon more than 1 year before my wedding. They thought I’m nuts! I was blazing through all the Martha Stewart’s Weddings and all the other bridal magazine. I even signed up for Wedding Planner class which cost me a bomb (I am that obssesed, you see..) But even an obsessed bridezilla like me, needs a time off.

There are  months that I have to rest from all my wedding stuff and reserve my ambition for another round of bridezone. I tried to counter balance it with my love for art and interior. Most of the time I received inspiring ideas for my wedding!

There’s a pro and con in preparing your wedding earlier. I have couples who come to us 3 months before their wedding, and settle everything fast and have little time to worry ( partially because we shoulder most of the burden). They couldnt be more happy after they finished the whole thing. So do we..

I met many types of bride since I started Diary & Design Wedding. The passionate ones, the clueless, the big spender, worrier, creative and many more. I am super glad that I have a super capable partner who can handle all type of brides. Lily is the opposite of me. She’s calm, cheerful and always positive. Even when she doesn’t agree on something, she will try her best to express it in the most civilized way. We totally complete each other. Like what they say, business is like marriage,

I have to be honest with you, I hardly say I’m wedding planner. I am a wedding designer, that’s what I do and what I love to do. Planning a wedding is such a huge task. Most of couple come to us, clueless where to start. That’s why they seek the professional (good choice, by the way.. haha).

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