She says: Stiamo andando in Italia *

* We are going to Italy!

While I’m still waiting for my revised visa (they printed my name as “Hellen Kie”), we have confirmed our tour to Italy-Swiss-Paris next month!

We have come a long way since we first booked our tour during the February Natas Fair. We want to get it early for the promo price. The route of our initial package seemed too good to be true. 12D of Swiss-Paris-London and additional free hotel stay at Dubai for 2 days. It is too good to be true. The tour didn’t materialize, the tour company merged with another tour company, leaving our tour in limbo. When we called them, they told us the tour is canceled. So much for booking early, huh..

In no time, we have to look for a replacement to another tour agency. We are glad we did, because the next tour that we booked (SA Tours) is much better in service quality and procedure. The review says that this tour has a good slow pace. So more time for sightseeing and shopping on our own. The route is also much better and more romantic.

Apparently London is not a favorite destination anymore. The new tour agent told us that London is passe. Now Italy is the new favorite destination. This time, they have no problem to confirm the tour. My advice to the honeymooners : Don’t book too early to avoid the cancellation (Winston’s edit: I think booking early is ok, just make sure you check constantly with the tour agency on the confirmation of the tour and confirm asap), or choose a very popular destination like Japan or Korea. Even better if you could plan your own itinerary and route and go lost together in the foreign land.

Unfortunately, we are not that adventurous. Winston went to London twice and Stockholm once, but this is my virgin trip to Europe. We have no idea whatsoever about cities in Italy and even Paris. So tour is safe and convenient for us (at least for now). *I’m in defending my choice of going honeymoon on a tour* Apparently this tour idea is less romantic for a honeymoon.

I will blog about our route in the next post. For now, I am eyeing on these controversial sticker. It’s a super cheeky luggage sticker that could land me in hot soup. But it’s still fun! I’ll buy the toy sticker for this trip.. haha

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3 Responses

  1. How exciting!

    You might already know this..but you have to go to Laduree in Paris for the macarons! They are very prettily packaged as well..just prepare for the long queues!

    1. I am reading this long after my honeymoon and I just realised, we did try the Laduree macarons! It was our wonderful tour guide, Jason Ang, who queued and bought for the whole tour group.

  2. Hello!
    For our honeymoon, we also joined a tour, and everybody would cringe when they heard about this.
    But just like you, we were also not that adventurous and frankly very lazy. We would’ve spent most of our times at the hotel instead of venturing new places, if we hadn’t joined the tour.
    Whatever fits you the best, I guess.
    Have fun in your honeymoon, Europe is fantastic this time of year.

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