She says: Honeymoon Route

We were so excited for our honeymoon in Europe on September, until we received news that our tour is canceled! Although they will give us a full refund, I am still upset that we couldn’t go to the designated places we have planned! That’s the downside of choosing a tour for honeymoon, instead of free and easy. Initially we were lazy to plan our own itinerary, but looks like we are forced to do  it. Suddenly we have unlimited options of places to go. I always love the idea of honeymoon in old cities in Europe, bed and breakfast in Edinburgh, lavender field in Provence, Mont St-Michel in Normandy. So I guess we’ll stick to Europe.

I love this dreamy picture of Luxembourg, feels like the scene from 18th century. via Axioo

Depending on your personality and preference, here are different destination for honeymooners (pictures by Axioo)

Urban Couple can visit New York, Paris, London, Tokyo.

This was shot in New York by Axioo, and the guy in the picture is my ex-housemates’ brother.

The beachy couple often choose Maldives, Bali, Hawaii. One more place to consider is Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya in Indonesia. Voted as the best diving site in the world, these islands secretly owned the most preserved coral reef in the world. Although this place is located in Indonesia, most of the visitor are foreigners.

I would love to visit urban city and historical places like in Barcelona, where Gaudi build his Gothic masterpiece…

Or kissing in Versailles…

Or clowning around under cherry blossom in Japan.

No matter where we go for honeymoon, as long as we are together, it’s enough…

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