She says: “If it’s gonna be funny later, it’s funny NOW!

Here I am, doing my last minute wedding signage and stressing over how to burn an audio CD at 5:46 am. These few days have been intensely stressful for both Winston and I. Yet at the beginning of this week, in Sunday service I was listening to a simple truth yet a revelation from a powerful man of God sent from Down Under. He said, ” If it’s funny later, it’s funny now!”. Sometimes we are fussing over things, so stressed up when we are in the midst of the trials or the hectic situation, that actually when it has passed, we looked back thinking, ” I was so silly back there!” and we laugh about it. After we gone through that difficult time, we realize we made it. So to him, if it’s gonna be funny after we pass this test, we should put that perspective into our current situation. While we are in the eye of the storm, we can smile.

Suddenly this Sunday school song rhymes in my head :

” With Christ, in the vessel. We can smile at the storm. Smile at the storm ….. as we go sailing home”

Childlike faith.









Here’s my 6 min artwork!

2 more days to go…

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