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I haven’t blog for a while now and I know I should do it more often. Juggling many tasks and wearing many hats has been a routine now. Although I might sound like a workaholic, I enjoyed the busyness and long working hours I have to put up with. Torn between 2 worlds, I need to stay afloat. It is the desire for beauty and it is the eagerness to transform dream into reality that keeps me going. Currently I am doing a few weddings that involved creative juice and handiworks.

I blogged in Diary & Design Wedding and put up the boards there. Check out the full post here.

These are some of the boards for projects I am working on. March- April have been a peaceful months and soon it will be the bustling seasons again.

Fancy solemnisation at a hip bar
Lovely theme for an overseas couple
Grandeur Islander for lavish dinner
Whimsical Paper Flower in Turquoise Tone

I always love to engage non-wedding color and I am so happy to find couples who are game to do it!

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