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I just ticked off one item from my to-do list: ” To blog about Wedding Design”. I managed to finish my introduction of Wedding Design in Diary & Design blog, click here to read the full post.

Although this term might be new to some of us, it’s not a new concept in the wedding world. Almost all wedding planner aim to execute this. As a wedding planner, you should also conceptualize the wedding. However, we want to champion this idea to the masses. Wedding needs design whether your budget is low or unlimited.

When the last time I met my wedding photographer, he said that in Singapore there are only full wedding planning or no planning at all. I assumed what he meant is, there are people who engaged wedding planner and people that don’t believe in wedding planner, and they try to do their own way of planning.

I believe that both way can still be nice and special. If you put your own mark and taste in it. Feel free to plan your own wedding, if you have the time and energy, you should! But leave some part to the professional.

An excerpt from my post :
It’s just like a house. An HDB flat (Singapore goverment flat ) can look the same from top floor to bottom floor. But what differentiate one house from the other is the interior design. If you just take a standard flat of HDB and don’t do any renovation or any kind of interior design, your house will look exactly the same like your neighbour. It’s called the Standard aka the template.
It is a growing trend among the young couple nowadays to renovate their new house to their liking. Design is becoming part of lifestyle and people are starting to show individual’s style. Sadly, wedding has taken a backseat in this area. But with the growing number of young couple’s interest in customized-themed wedding, I believe we can chance upon the trend of this industry. Ambitious as it may sounds, we will do it, one couple at a time.

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