She Says: Introducing Savannah Grace Lim

After much heartache and suffering, we finally experienced the joy of parenthood. Thanks to many that prayed for us, our baby has gone home with us and growing well. It marks a new beginning for us as new parents and catapult us to the realm of dirty diapers, sleep deprivation and stereo-crying. Aside from that we enjoy having our baby very much.

Of course, being a preemie, she’s not as settled as a full term baby. Her petite demure figure can be deceiving, she’s a fiery ball. Supposedly born on 18 Sept 2012, she came out 7 weeks earlier, in 33 weeks to be exact. She was predicted as Virgo, yet she is born a Leo, fierce and driven. Plus the fact that she is a dragon lady.

When I was pregnant, 5 of my relatives, including my sister-in-law, was also pregnant at the same period. Savannah beats all of them to be the big sister, yet she is the smallest of all. Born at 1.128 kg, she climbed a long way to be at her current weight at 4.7kg

Since both of us are easy-going people, we hoped to have an easy baby. Who knows this bundle of joy came with a dramatic personality. I always know that my offspring will be as driven and strong as me. True enough, she’s such a fighter.

So without further ado, we introduce to you our precious baby Savannah Grace Lim!



ImageA little background on her name, Savannah Grace..

Savannah is a beautiful city in Georgia, US which is home to one of the best art school in US, SCAD. I received the scholarship to further my study in Masters of Broadcast Design & Motion Graphic. However that was the time I just started my career in MTV and about to get married that year. After praying and asking God for direction, I decided to let go of the scholarship and continue with the wedding plan. I kept that name ‘Savannah’ close to my heart, hoping to name my daughter, Savannah.

and I did..

The middle name ‘Grace’ was added when during my 20 week scan, the doctor said that her nasal bone is too short, which has the possibility of Down Syndrome. I prayed hard that it was misdiagnosed and added Grace to this unborn baby as she needed it the most.

Thus Savannah Grace was born.

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  1. She’s so lovely! Glad you’re fine now.. have been reading your blog ever since you started on planning for your own wedding! Stay strong and may you guys have many more blessed moments with this very special gift.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Sheila.. I will continue to write the journey and pack it with useful information for the readers.. thanks!

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