She says: It is good to share (?)

Is it good to share?

Since I started co-writing this wedding blog, my idea of sharing has been challenged. Most people won’t share or teach the others about their secret or their inspirations, fearing they might lose out if they give it away. Maybe it’s the competitive streak of most Asian. I admit, I also fall into this category. But ever since I started to browse wedding blogs, or listen to talks by great designers, I realized those successful people isn’t afraid to share their insight, inspiration even techniques.

Check out this fantastic wedding blog, that inspires me:

Picture 16

Stephanie is Getting Married

Another great source for insipration by one of my favorite designer, Matt Pyke from Universal Everything. He also happens to be the brain behind the latest MTV worldwide Re-branding.. Check out his inspiring talk here.

One of the author that changed my mindset, the late Paul Arden once said , ” DO NOT COVET YOUR IDEAS, give away everything you know, and more will come back to you”. I consider him the best Creative Director who ever lived.

So as my mindset changed, so does my action, I promise to give away DIY tips I found from others, right here on my wedblog. Stay tuned!!

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