She says: It was all worth it..

Today Lily and I met a lovely couple who has a beautiful idea of having their wedding solemnization and dinner outdoors and indoors. They chose the path of what seems to be a rising popularity in Singapore’s wedding scene, a non-typical Chinese wedding dinner. We have met many couples, who have the similar interest. I would say, most of our couples prefer this path. I couldn’t agree with them more, that wedding should be representing their love and their personality. They still honor their elders and follow tradition in the morning and tea ceremony. I think that is great, preserving your tradition is the way to go. Yet, when the sun goes down, it’s show time!

Back to the lovely couple, they mentioned that they loved my wedding, read my blog and found out about us, Diary & Design Wedding.. (You probably also came to our shore the same way as them..) We had a great time talking and they showed strong interest in engaging us. At the end of the conversation, I asked them for their last question or comments. The groom-to-be paused, and said, “Your wedding is amazing”.

I might not get the wedding magazine coverage I always wanted, nor being known as “The Best DIY Wedding Ever!”, Singapore might not remember my wedding last year, but I can honestly tell you, when he said that, I know in my heart, it was all worth it..

I may not inspire thousands of couple to love their wedding as much as I do, but if I can inspire one more couple to have the wedding they always wanted, I will do it all over again.

Please, bride-to-be and groom-to-be, if you are already going to spend a lot of money on your big day, be passionate on your wedding day so you can look back and say, it was all worth it..

worth every penny..

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