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Finally we had a proper house warming and baby shower to showcase our house & our little one. It was a good start with a pretty dessert bar designed and styled by me. It has been awhile since I put together a dessert bar, but I certainly haven’t lost it. Instead it gets better, because I have more time to prepare all the items. Taking inspiration from the lovelies in Pinterest, I came out with theme of Stripes-pink & gray to compliment my monochrome house.

Here are some of the pictures :


I transformed my dinner table into a pretty dessert bar. Love how the table cloth matches well with my grey curtain. Just between you and me, I designed my house in monochrome so it will blends well with any color so I can host pretty parties every time!

The items are cupcakes, marshmallow, cookies, strawberry dip, ferrero rocher, marshmallow pop (which I made myself! I will post the steps in the next post) and red velvet cake with mini bunting topper! I make the mini bunting topper to match the whole theme. So cute!



Marshmallow pop is a very good item to compliment your design, since it is easy to make and the colors just pops!


Love the cookies that my friend did for me, it’s simple and delicious.

dessert4The cookies on the right is DIY. I just took the butter cream and sprinkled it with pink non-parelis (you can buy it in any baker shop) and voila, you have pretty pearly cookies.

I bought cotton candy maker for such occasion, but turns out it didn’t really perform well. It was fun to try but the result is not so promising.

cotton candyI learnt how to make pink-colored sugar for the cotton candy. You only need caster sugar and pink food coloring paste. Give a few drop and mash it together.

dessert1The cupcakes are from the caterer Xin Yi Ping. These are the selected ones, the rest is unacceptable in my table.

If you need any decoration or dessert bar for your party, please feel free to give us a buzz in We will gladly work out something for you that doesn’t burns a hole in your pocket!

Another review about Xin Yi Ping catering, they have very good deals for their Baby’s First Month package. Free cupcake and ang ku kueh, on top of their usual dishes. I fell for that. After all, ordering cupcakes will cost at least another $3/pcs.

However, to be fair, their food, service and the free cupcake is pretty average. You can’t expect much from them. The food is so-so, their service is rather ok and the cupcakes are below average. I can’t make any complaint, because they delivered what is written, just without excellence. For me,  I won’t recommend them strongly for my future parties. But if you are not particular with service and display, you can consider them.

This is the setup and their cupcakes:


Lastly, I prepared a small door gift for my guests. A thank you card with 2013 calendar at the back. I can share the print file with you, if you ask me nicely 🙂 Just email us at

door gift

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  1. Hi!

    I’m interested in discussing decor and dessert bar for my baby’s full month party on 5 jan. I’ve sent an email yesterday. Not sure if it got lost somewhere 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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