She says: It’s Showtime!!!

Our awesome weddings have just officially ended! We can’t asked for a better wedding for both outdoor and indoor. It exceeded everyone’s expectation including us. It’s truly and simply because of our friends and helpers that made it come true. We are so thankful to have such a strong team and group of close friends that are not only super creative but also very helpful.

We will feature our wedding in sequence, starting from our beautiful outdoor wedding to our most memorable wedding dinner. Oh lala, we love our wedding and we won’t be shy to show it!

We try to feature every details possible. We learned so much from it and we will use it as reference to move forward in our future step. These valuable lessons need to be learned the hard way. Since we experienced it first hand, we are able to advise other couple to beware of these traps!

But first, let me start by featuring our wedding with a teaser:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy our very own wedding highlight by the talented team from Alvinadeline!!” :

This video received the second highest compliment on the wedding banquet when we first showed it to the guests. We really love Alvinadeline’s track movement and film quality style. Great job, Alvin!

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Hellen please have a post-wedding sale!! Would be delighted to purchase the photoframes and other accessories from you if you are willing to part with them! 🙂

    mitz, faithful follower of your blog

    1. Hi mitz, thank you for your support! I will have a post-wedding rental and sale! For now, i need to sort out my space and the pictures.
      All the best for your wedding!

  2. Hi Hellen & Winston,
    I love everything about your wedding. I’m going to have 1 next year and I planned to do it at the Fort Canning Park. I only have limited budget so I will hold the solemnization and buffet tgt for just about 50 guests. But I dont know anything about setup or decoration. I’ll appreciate if you can share some experience like where to rent the tables, chairs, sound system, etc. If you do have service at affordable rate, pls let me know. My email is Hope to hear from u. All the bests!

  3. Hi Winston and Hellen!
    The videos you’ve made are totally aWesOme! and the wedding that you’ve planned together.. I just love it all! Lots of inspirations and very warm-hearted! I am planning a wedding for a friend now, but I have never really attended a wedding, need not to say about planning one.. Was lost on where to start at first, but now.. never better 🙂 Thanks for putting up this blog and sharing with us your beautiful experience! Wishing you a blissful marriage and Happy Chinese New Year 🙂

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