She says: “Jesus at the Center of It All”

The first night I spent in KKH, a song came to my heart. A worship song that we often sing in our beloved church, City Harvest. Here’s the lyrics:

Jesus at the center of it all
Jesus at the center of it all
From beginning to the end, it will always be
It’s always been You Jesus, Jesus

Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do
Jesus You’re the center, everything revolves around You
Jesus You (at the center of it all)

Jesus be the center of my life
Jesus be the center of my life
From beginning to the end, it will always be
It’s always been You Jesus, Jesus

From my heart to the heavens, Jesus be the center
It’s all about You, yes it’s all about You

Jesus be the center of Your church
Jesus be the center of Your church
And every knee will bow
And every tongue shall confess You Jesus, Jesus

Originally sang by Israel Houghton, this song always bring me to tears as I was reminded once again that Jesus is the center of everything in my life and nothing else matters. This song helps me to put things into perspective and not fall into depression.

That night I decided that if God allows me to go through this hardship, He will see me through it.
I strengthened myself in the Lord, just like David in the bible. It’s going to be a rough journey..

The doctors gave us the estimated delivery date in week 34, meaning 4 weeks to spend in hospital. It wasn’t good news for us. I was really troubled by that ultimatum and determined to do better so we can be monitored as an outpatient.

Our decision to go to KKH was timely and served us really well. Not only is KKH the most advanced in high risk pregnancy management and government subsidized, but the nurses are great and helpful. I have high regards on their efficiency in all the test and services. As an Indonesian, whose public health sector is seriously questionable and private sector, mostly, is out for your money, is an eye opener experience to have high quality health services with subsidize rate. They even offer to downgrade the baby’s charges so the parents doesn’t have to worry about the baby’s bill, which can be frightening.

Here’s the link of the song that I always watch.. even Savannah will react in my tummy everytime I play the song.


Even right this moment as I am typing these words, we are still struggling because I still have problems with my health due to severity of the Pre Eclampsia and baby Savannah still in Step Down NICU. But My heart just melts as I sing these words. Jesus, you have seen the ending of this turmoil and You are good.
I surrender, God.

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  1. However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” the things God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9).

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