She says: Made for Honor

She’s the best Maid of Honor a girl could ask for

In two weeks time, my Maid of Honor Katryn is getting married. So I’d like to dedicate this post to her. I’ve been friends with her for almost 8 years, it’s not the years that count but the experiences we shared. Although I have good friends that I’ve known way before Katryn came along, there is no one quite like her. Her husband-to-be, Ari,  happens to be a childhood friend of mine whose rude and nonchalant attitude charmed my heart when I was a silly (and possibly blind) primary school girl. Now everyone knows about the disgraceful fact of my secret crush and Ari always used it to tease me if he is lost for words to “suan” me.

Katryn is special. She’s not just my best friend, she’s my soulmate. There were times when I felt nobody could understand the situations I had to go through but she did because she had the same situations too and I would understand her when nobody else does too. That’s the coolest things. We had our worst times and best times. We grew together in our walk with God, walking side by side in this journey of life. We were born with different family background and upbringing but always find each other in the same page. She is the youngest daughter, I am the eldest daughter. She’s an introvert, I’m the extrovert. She’s a bit of a OCD ( that’s an understatement, by the way) while I’m messy and nonchalant.

She used to dislike me during our first year of highschool. I attracted too much of attention as a freshman. It’s a given, since my elder brother was the popular soccer captain. I was oblivious to that fact, instead we grow closer because we found God together, with the same group of friends. Or rather God found us.

There were times during highschool, we hated each other, purposely stepping at each other toes under the table. But we manage to be friends again. Each fight and make up made us a little stronger. We had a moment when we liked the same guy, and realized we are not his type. We even had a moment after series of fight that we asked each other, ” Do we want to continue this friendship?” and we did say yes. It’s my first steady long distance relationship. That was the first time I learnt that love and commitment are decisions.

We also have many good years together, in fact those few hiccups can’t compared to the wonderful things we had. It’s a custom for us to give each other’s favorite things. Katryn loves pink, so she has a customized cupboard in her room to display her collections. A substantial part of it is from me! I treasured the beam in her face when she opened those gift. I love Precious Moments figurines. She gave me my first figurine and subsequently added to my collections.

Our story is too long to write in a post.. and I don’t want to bore anyone with our stories. She gave an outstanding and hilarious MOH speech on my wedding, raising the bar for any MOHs-to-be,  including myself. Seeing her in that podium instantly warmed my heart and teared my eyes. We’ve come a long way since our single days to this. A metamorphosis in our lives, from daughters to wives and eventually mothers. One thing that will never changed, we are forever soulmates.

*P.S.: I happened to watch a Sex and the City season 4 ep 1, when they talk about soulmates. Here’s the tag at the end of the episode, “..with three soulmates down, it’s easy to spot a nice guy to have fun with..”

Here is an excerpt of her entertaining yet touching speech…

“With every ending there is a beginning. While the end of our singles days may certainly have changed the nature and the frequency of what we do together, it has not changed the nature of our friendship. I look forward to all the new experiences we will share in the future as we continue our lives as married couples.”

Here are the pictures:

Someone is watching over me.

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