She says: Magical Moment on the Dance Floor

When I was young(er), I was captivated by the ballroom dancing scene in Beauty and the Beast. Serenaded by the motherly voice of the Mrs Potts, both of them entwined in the magical moment of the first dance. That intrigued Winston and I to learn waltz for our First Dance. However, this is not a popular practice in Asian wedding. But we decided to adopt this, because both of us love to dance. Different kind of dance. My childhood was occupied with learning ballet and piano, so I nurtured a natural inclination to anything classic, vintage and old soul. I love ballet while Winston is into hip hop and modern dance (Winston’s Edit: Into as in like, I can’t dance for nuts). We both have different taste, but we compromise. with ballroom dance…. (actually because it’s the most feasible option to do within 3 months).

We signed up with Arca Dance to have 8 dance sessions and more. Arca Dance is a new and growing dance studio which specializes in social dance, like waltz, tango and salsa.

The owner and instructor, Lily Cashin happened to be the wife of the late Howard Cashin, a prominent lawyer and rugby boss in the 70s-80s. The most amazing coincidence is that Winston happened to be at Howard’s funeral last year, because 5 years ago Howard became a born-again Christian and attended our church. Winston and Howard belongs to the same zone in the church. While his health keep deteriorating, he continues to serve in whatever way he could. The church prayed for his healing, and after long years of battle, he passed away. During his funeral, different people came to speak about him and what he has done. The stories really touched Winston’s heart.

So it’s really special when Lily happened to be our instructor. We believe there is no mere coincidence, only divine intervention.

Here’s the Beauty and the Beast clip.


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