She says: Make Up Trial and Error

acI just went for my 2nd make up trial in Di Gio after the first one turned out to be less than desirable. I think it was my fault, because I didn’t brief him properly. My Taiwan pre-wedding make up really matched up my taste without me saying anything. So drawing from that experience, I just told the make up artist I want a natural make up. Turns out, it’s too natural that I like my daily make up better than this one! My eyes still look as small as they really are. Chris, the make up artist said it’s because he didn’t put the fake lashes for make up trial. Because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling and everybody in Di Gio gave nice comments, I conformed with it.

It didn’t last very long till I realized, it wasn’t what I wanted. One of bridesmaids commented that make up is supposed to make the bride stands out not blend in. I couldn’t agree more.

So, I asked for another make up trial. This time I came prepared I showed him what is exactly the make up and hairdo I want through pictures and my make up from Taiwan. He was nice enough to do the second one and put the fake lashes, although it will cost me $15. We had a good session, and this time it’s really trial and error. Turns out, previously my idea of natural make up was not in sync with Chris’. I don’t like colored eye shadow and just want my eyes to be BIG. that’s all.

So here are my references.

Outdoor Make Up

Outdoor Hairdo

Retro feel with the hump and white satin ribbon. I like!

Banquet Make Up

I love the dramatic eyes of 1950s. Since my banquet is inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I think it’s just right to have the vintage-ish look for the banquet.

Thumbs up to Josephine, Casey and Chris who are so patient with me. I am one complicated bride! I think by now, they know my pattern. I won’t state my dislike on the spot, but I will think about it and will drop the bomb few days after that. Oops!

At last, I feel confident with my MUA. That’s very important, brides-to-be. Don’t just give in but press on to whatever you like! You deserve the best!

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