She says: Makeup Session for Photoshoot

I love my makeup for the photoshoot! I am a big fan of natural make-up and I think Baby, my make-up artist, really did a great job. She did not only make my eyes look big and round, she made it look as if they are my natural eyes!

The gowns are gorgeous. I had a hard time choosing the gowns! Their colored gowns are beautiful and specially designed to look extra nice in the pictures.

When we were choosing pictures, there were these mainland Chinese ladies who were rushing to rent the display gown for a dinner event, just after passing by Blue-Bay’s shop. The mother and daughter fell in love instantly with the blue gown on display.

She followed us for the photoshoot. Each gown has a different look and she matched my hairstyle with the gown. I am totally pleased with the makeup.

I also want to specially mention this wonderful girl, Melody, who helped me dress up during the gown-choosing session. She is the only one who can speaks English in Blue-Bay, imagine my relief! She also visited our blog before and she likes it.

Thank you, Melody! (far left, beside me)

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