She says: My Favorite Photographer, introducing Max Wanger

Photo Credits: Max Wanger

I admit it, I am obsessed with wedding blogs and Max Wanger ( The first time I saw his work in Black Eiffel (, I was so captivated that I built my wedding mood around his style. I am always a fan of vintage feel whether it is an object or photography, but Max brought it to a whole new level, combining photojournalistic style and old photograph look. I love how he edited the color and give it the same color scheme.

I showed his pictures to the Blue-Bay people, and they say they could achieve it. Let’s see how they do it. But I am definitely going to bring my laptop over to Taiwan in case they can’t achieve what I want. I have prepared my Photoshop layers. Pressure!!! I guess being a designer have plus and minus when it comes to engaging vendors.


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