She says: OMSQ – Hidden Treasure

Our outdoor venue is really a hidden treasure in the heart of the city. I really like our venue, not only the place itself but also the location. My office is in Dhoby Ghaut and sometimes I will visit OMSQ during lunch time to visualize, measure the space and to familiarize myself with the place.

I am inspired by Jung Lee, the founder of Fête New York, one of the hottest wedding planner in New York. In her book, she disclosed her habit of spending time in the venue for a few hours to observe and visualize it. I think that’s a great trade secret.

In our church, our pastor taught us the power of visualizing. You must see it in your imagination before it comes to past. If you can see it, you can have it. I need this practice to put my creative mind to work. I am no wedding planner, this is the first time I am doing it, so I need a lot of preparation. I often hear my friends complained about their wedding after it happened. While I do know, there will be a lot of things beyond my control on the actual day, I can rest assured I have done my best and have no regret.. what if I have done this or that.. Winston can testify that I often laments, ” I’ve should done this.. if only…” So on my big day, I’ll do my best not to say that….

Today, I went there again. This time to measure the traveling time from MRT and to determine where to put the wedding sign. So these are the proposed location:

(Winston’s note: However we are contemplating whether to minimize the traveling of the guests by foot… well, I am thinking about it)

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