She says: Our Bridal Car and the Man Behind it

This is a tough call. I have to delete my previous post about our wedding cars.

To give you the background, I was browsing through and fell in love with Mitusoka Galue. It’s a Japanese brand of luxury car that resembles classic styling of Bentley R-type, Rolls Royce and even Jaguar Mark 2.

We immediately booked it. But we soon found that the company policy doesn’t match our schedule and they are not flexible about it. It’s not a good start..

While we are still thinking whether to go ahead with it, my super-talented ex-colleague and friend, Josef Lee offered his car and help to chauffeur  us on the actual day. I always admire his retro Mini Cooper. It’s beautiful!

He is one of the people in the industry of media that I admire, in both his personal life and his work. His story inspired both of us. You might have heard about the winner of Singapore Woman Award by MediaCorp Publishing’s Vanilla Magazine, Molly Lee. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer 4 years ago but instead of losing hope, she started to encourage other cancer patients through her blog, WeAreWonderWomen. Such a courageous woman of God! Even after her departure to heaven, her work still continues through fund raising and such.

Josef is her husband and the creative director of very cool motion graphic house, Mojo. He also founded few cool websites, like  Start Drawing (portal for Asian artists/illustrators/designers) and Museum of Modern Fiction (Josef’s version of folk tales).

So after a discussion we decided to accept Josef’s offer. Not because of the monetary issue, but simply because we are really honored to be chauffeured by such a great personality! (plus a cool-retro-creme Mini Cooper!)

Here’s the picture!

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