She says: Post-Holiday Blues

We just came back from Singapore early this week and we are still not used to working life! I guess either we really enjoyed the trip so much or we haven’t really had a real holiday before this. I am still compiling my pictures before we blog about it. Can’t believe that we haven’t blogged for almost a month! We are not shortchanging you, but I am really busy nowadays with Diary & Design plus Pemberley Paperie, not to forget my full time job as broadcast designer. I must have been mad to choose this path. Oh well, still surviving.

A little sneak preview about our trip. Here’s Paris at night (Notre Dame taken from Seine River).

We had quite a dramatic start throughout our trip. Winston had a fever in the morning before we fly off. It worsened there and got better there also. I almost got it, but thanks to fervent prayer and a dose of medicine, it gets better right away. My camera dropped and spoiled on the first day in Rome, forcing us to use another camera which is lower quality. I ended up photo-shopping all of it when we got back.

More stories soon!

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