She says: Rekindle my Fire

With all these weddings coming up in October, November and December, sometimes I feel numb and a lack of excitement. Too much of a good stuff can backfire on you. It’s hard to keep the fire and passion going, and it might fall into the dangerous area of dead routine. I detest doing something without passion and inspiration. I almost forget how anxious I was preparing my own wedding, how delightful it was to find an amazing deal online for my wedding favor, or when I finally found the vendor for my tiffany box. Every wedding is immensely special. I will try my best not to fall into the cycle of vendor-client related complacency.

That’s why I’m so thankful when I saw this wedding video of Danni & Chris from one of my favorite blog, Oh, Hello Friends. One year after their wedding and it still takes my breath away.

I always love personalized, laid back weddings and where the couple’s love takes center-stage. That’s what wedding is all about.

One advice I can’t stressed enough is, invest in a good videographer & photographer! The moments can easily pass you by, but the feeling come back rushing everytime I watched my own video.

Thank God we splurged on Alvinadeline.

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