She says: Scarlet Fiesta

Diary & Design Wedding recently did a few weddings for our Indonesian couples in Medan. As you might already know from my previous post, wedding in Indonesian culture holds a significant value for both families. It’s a family affair, literally. Most of the guests will come from both sides of the family. So don’t be surprised if the number of guests invited can be up to four digit.

The wedding is fairly dominated by red color, which symbolize good luck and happiness. When you coupled it with neutral color like white and gold, it stands out better. When you choose a strong color such as red, purple, make sure the venue has similar or at least not a clashing color. Examine your venue before you decide on the color scheme!

We love how the carpet enhanced our color theme even more. But the wall didn’t go well with the theme so we decided to make it disappear! Draping is a good way to eliminate unsuitable wall. But might not be the cheapest alternative, though.

See more pictures here.

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