She says: Season Greeting, Season of Love

I’m getting married again! I have been married for more than 5 times till date and will continue to host wedding parties for 2011. I’m kidding (in case you didn’t get my joke).

Since plunging into wedding design and planning industry, I feel like I am constantly getting married. I take every wedding as my own, except that I only do what I like, the design & decor! In Diary & Design Wedding, we work based on our strength. Lily being the more organized and expert in coordination is dealing with the administrative, while I’m having fun with the decor and set up!

Update: After almost three years of great synergy of design & planning, we decided to branch out to our own company focusing on our different strength. Please see our design works with Rosette Designs & Co

The last wedding that we did was really fun, we used green apples as the main elements. The wedding took place in Hort Park and it was a suitable fresh-rustic theme. I will blog about it with more pictures. The picture below is part of the decor which I created a “Fruit of the Holy Spirit” tag for each apple. There are 9 aspects of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. The couple is Christian and I thought it will be appropriate for them. They really loved it!

Simple thought makes a big difference

This is the decor board. The couple wants an eco-friendly and green wedding. We used bamboo, green apples, potted plants, topiary, baby breaths for the decor. The final look was amazing! We loved it and so did the guests and host. Stay tuned for the final look!

P.S.: Since it’s the wedding season, please forgive me if I haven’t write in a while now (actually, it’s more than ‘a’ while). I have so many things to write, but couldn’t finish and post it (proven by how many Drafts post I have). I wanted to post about Intro to Wedding Decor, Eating Too Many Sashimi (it’s an allegory, by the way) and many more. Next year’s resolution is to post more DIY stuff!

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