She says: Sneak Peek of Black-White Wedding Banquet @ Conrad Hotel

We get the best of both world! The fabulous outdoor wedding and very smooth and romantic wedding banquet. Nothing is impossible with God! Amen to that!

(Did I mention that we love our wedding and is not apologetic to flaunt it? Like the ol’ saying, if you have it, flaunt it! )

So here is the sneak peek of our wedding banquet@ Conrad. I love black & white and it was no secret. I also absolutely love my Hellen dress. It is supposed to be a Katya dress by Monque Lhuillier, but we detoured so much that I scrapped the original plan and just go with my style. Big kudos to team at Di Gio, Josephine and Casey!

Love the Calla Lily bouquet
my Hellen dress

The dramatic First Dance

The bride with her brother

with Andrew my boss. Gosh, I love the birdcage headpiece. Thanks, Chris!

Finally pay off, love the setting!

Everybody was looking very classy that night!

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  1. Weiqiang,
    What a lovely day and banquet wedding you and your wife had, would love to see more pictures =)
    Absolutely admire the inputs both of you put into the wedding to make it your own!

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