She says: Surprise.. Surprise..& My Bro’s Purple Wedding

It has been while since I last blogged. Ever since we started Diary & Design Wedding, I was surprised by the response. I didn’t know that this blog has avid followers. (Apologized for not blogging as regularly like I used to)

I didn’t intend it that way, but it’s a good surprise! This tells me one thing, every brides do want to have a beautiful wedding of their own. Gone are the days of Singaporean way of default wedding.

I have met plenty of couples who didn’t intend to hire a wedding planner at first, but were intrigued by the idea of a customized wedding of their own. It’s really an encouragement when brides-to-be send an email, starting from,” I didn’t intend to hire wedding planner, but…”

I was skeptical over wedding planner too. I did try to contact some of them but they proofed my skepticism right! However, in the end of the day, I have to surrender to a professional wedding coordinator, who happened to be my friend and now my partner in crime.

In Indo, we didn’t even battle an eyelid to hire a Wedding Organizer (WO). It’s a must for every wedding in Indo, big or small. Imagine the hassle they have to go through on the actual day without these handset-armed organizers. Madness guaranteed! I give you one recent example.

I was back in Jakarta for my brother’s wedding over the weekend. It was one of the typical Indo wedding (only better). Fancy, huge ballroom, thousands of guests, extensive decor. Take a look at the pictures and you know what I meant!

Anyway, check out their prewedding photos here.

The venue is one of the biggest function hall in Jakarta, boasts at 32,000 sqm. It can comfortably fits 1,500 of our guests. Although it’s quite a common number of guests in Jakarta, it can be too overwhelming for any Singaporean to experience, as it did to Winston’s parents.

Top : the stage design. Bottom : (left) Me at the photo gallery. (Right) Me and my mom at one of the buffet line
The hallway and photo gallery
Winston + Hellen
Left: Irene (my sis). Right: the purple cake

They even had a small photo studio set up in the ballroom for a quick photoshoot.

In Indonesia, wedding is a family affair. Most of the time, the guests come from the parents side, instead of the couple. Imagine inviting 1,500 people for your party?? Who are these people??? Practically everyone who ever crossed the parents’ path. Business people, relatives, neighbors, friends, anyone they can think of! The basic principle is the same, whoever finance it, has the say.

the in-laws talking. My mom and her beautiful dress

Having been involved in 2 different set up of wedding culture (Singapore & Jakarta), I simply marvel at the endless possibilities of this one lifetime event. It will be awesome when I combine the best of both world.

Greedy me.

PS : just between you and me, I’d choose small wedding anytime.

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  1. Hi Hellen! Was introduced by a friend about your website. Not sure if he’s your friend..TJ.

    Oh well, can i just check with you if you know of any places that does rental of evening gowns for wedding? Not too expensive i hope. Just to attend a very important wedding.. =)

    1. I guess my reply now is a bit too late for your wedding. From what I know, all wedding boutiques has their evening gowns up for rent, but the price will definitely be more expensive.

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