She says: Surprise Wedding Favor in Tiffany Box

My idea of wedding favor is almost fully materialized. I just received the whole package from Wedding Star. Freshly imported from Canada.

I am really satisfied with their service, especially Tandy, the young Chinese-Indonesian who run this business in Singapore. When we meet fellow countryman, we could instantly be friends although we never met before.

Aside from the mystery wedding favor, I also customized the box to house this awesome gift. I always love Tiffany & Co’s box complete with the white ribbon. So naturally the favor box should resembles my fascination of this gorgeous box. My lovely sister, Irene and Andrian from Ian Photography are in town for photo shoot, so they brought me my lovely boxes from Jakarta!

Here is the sneak preview of how is it going to be on the actual day.

I’m loving it!

P.S.: Be prepared to be surprised, because you wouldn’t imagine this item to be a wedding favor. But it works! At least a few of my bridal party has already requested more than one!

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