She says: The Inevitable Stress

I just went for a site visit with Lily, my friend who is also my classmate in the wedding planner course. She is a part-time wedding planner. She gave a few good suggestions about the program and the space. I just realized that as a bride-to-be, while planning is fun, the coordination on the actual day is a nightmare. You can plan very well, but who can execute that for you?? You really need somebody that understand the whole plan like you do, be your double.

Suddenly fear grips my heart. Maybe all the things that I do is not enough. What if the wedding is not as wonderful as I thought it would be. All the negative thinking starts pouring down on me. I can feel the tension running to my head and for the first time, I feel stressed out.

It’s inevitable to be stressed out regardless of the effort you have put in the planning. No matter how well you have planned, if no one can coordinate well enough, it is going to be a sweet flop. I can imagine the stress level for the couple, who doesn’t hire a professional wedding organizer, yet expect a perfectly coordinate wedding. Many of the Singaporeans rely on their friends to coordinate their wedding. Winston had played the role of wedding coordinator for a few times, and he is good at it plus.. he loves to do it. Sometimes when we have helped coordinated so many weddings and it’s time for our turn to get married, we get disappointed when we didn’t get the response we expect.

That’s why I just had an epiphany, wedding organizer or wedding planner is the answer for the inevitable stress the couple will face. When the bride is also the wedding planner, she can only rely on herself and (perhaps) the groom. No room for breakdown or cold feet. If you can’t afford wedding planner, at least go for a professional wedding organizer.

I still think it’s good to show the down moment of our wedding planning. This is to answer my own question of ” Do I need a Wedding Planner?”  (see the post here).

I might need it now.

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