She says: The Sun will Rise Again

Maybe we all have heard, read and watched the news about Japan’s powerful earthquake last Friday. Winston and I were enjoying ourselves in Universal Studio for my birthday weekend when the tweets came in. Japan is experiencing major earthquake at that moment. We weren’t aware of the massive damage that took place. Until much later when we watched the video footages and pictures.

It is heart wrenching.

These few days, I spent my time researching about the disaster for our work. After watching too much live footages of tsunami, I am convinced that human lives can be really fragile, everything we have can be wiped out within seconds. Take a look at these videos:

Japan is likened to a premium country with robust economy (although it is declining even more as we speak), highly productive and considerate, with a thriving culture and on top of that the most well-prepared nation for earthquake. Yet, they found themselves bowing down to the force of nature.

I am always amazed at the Japanese culture, the people’s spirit, creativity and authenticity. It is the one of the rare Asian culture that influence the world (At least for me, Japanese food is my no 1 favorite food here in Singapore).

In the face of disaster, their premium core is not shaken, proven by their efficiency, social responsibility and attitude.

Although they are a rich country, they still need our help! Please help support these donation portal or even buy Lady Gaga’s wristband!

“I am certain that Japan will rise again”, quoted one of the survivors. After all, they are the only country that survived two atomic bomb and yet emerged as one of the superpowers of the world.

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