She says: Thriller Night @Normanton Park

I never went to a Halloween party before, so when we were told we are going to hold one, we got very excited. It was initiated by group of people from our church to just get together and have fun with friends. Our group is in-charge of the decorations. Clarissa did a fantastic job designing the decoration! Thumbs up!

Winston did a very good job MC-ing! We really dressed up that day and have fun.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was having too much fun. Good thing we set up a Cemetery Photobooth, Andrian from Ianphotography lent his talent and professional setup, making our photobooth a hit!


We had witches, Sinbad, Drag Queen, Scream, Suicidal Britney Spears, Hulk, Johnny Depp version of Mad Hatter, etc..


This is the winner for best costume : Andrian in Big Bad Wolf (complete with the oversized bra and polkadot pyjama dress!)


This is the prelude for our outdoor wedding photobooth (Winston edit: Not so scary lah)!

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