She says: Tiffany Chair -make or break-

Note: I wrote this post during my search of Tiffany Chair in 2010. Now, it’s a common sight in Singapore wedding. especially among the outdoor wedding & venue rental wedding who does not provide chairs.

I love Tiffany Chair, a popular name for white Chiavari chairs. I already loved them from the moment I started this wedding blog frenzy. In Singapore, only one claimed to own them, the Backyard and it’s not cheap. (Ed: Backyard is no longer around, in 2017)

Usually, chairs come at a fraction of the price from the caterer or the tentage vendors. But this tiffany chairs have a section in the budget sheet for itself. Winston personally doesn’t agree in tripling the chair budget for these beautiful chairs. Some more I encountered a slight problem with it.

Makes me wonder, is having tiffany chairs for my outdoor wedding worth the effort?

Or.. combining both of them can save a couple of hundreds.. hmm I wonder..

Actually I prefer wooden white chairs for my outdoor wedding. More relaxed and less formal. Like this one:

or.. your typical white chair garnered with touch of tiffany sash

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