She says : Tim Walker-inspired Wedding: Eunice & Daniel

I am a big, big fan of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. It never fails to impress me by their gorgeous set ups, delicate photography, tons of DIY tips plus free templates and fantastic wedding features. In this Spring issue, they featured a fun-filled and extremely original wedding of Eunice and Daniel. Eunice is the stationer behind Hello!Lucky, one of my top inspiration event stationery. This is the 2nd time they featured a wedding stationery’s nuptial. The first one was Cheree from Cheree Berry. I always admires designer’s wedding, they go all out with the details and sometimes is out of the norm.

This time, Eunice drew inspiration from Tim Walker’s parade. Tim Walker the genius photographer for British Vogue, often lend an inspiration for wedding bloggers through his ethereal surreal photo shoots.

I love the fun-vaudeville theme of this wedding. They wanted a wedding that evokes playful-inner-child -dream. It might not suits everyone, because it is less formal but if you are fortunate enough, go crazy! We are fortunate enough to the best of both world, the fun-filled ceremony and the formal wedding banquet. I began to see this trend growing in Singapore and Jakarta. So let it grow, let it grow, let it grow….

Here are the lovely details of Eunice and Daniel’s wedding. (I love the quirky stage! and the luscious flowers). via 100 layers cake

It gets me pumped up to create a gorgeous version of mine!

Check out their beautiful wedding invitation:

3 months to go!!

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